How to start...?

How to start a blog...? With some words about me? Why am I doing this? More private, more sketchy? I think my story is a good start and then you can decide how to go on... 


Everything started on the worst day of my life - when my mother died. To fight the horrible feelings, the sadness, the fear I wanted to make something good out of it. So I started to post her paintings on Instagram. Yes, she was a paintress. A very good one even. And one of the main principles of her work was "Art must go out  to the people".


The best moment at the start of the project was to see a large quantity of my mothers pictures. Because of being afraid to become sad again, we hided many of them and didn´t talk about art a long time. After seeing the first paintings - which we had mothballed in her studio - I felt what I had been missing all these years and what a big empty hole had left behind. Being surrounded by colours was always part of my life, but then everything was grey and black - so the moment my father and me seen the first pictures after so much time was of course heartbreaking but also exempting and so wonderful. A part of her was back and we felt not that alone anymore. A very good friend of mine, a photographer, took pictures of the paintings - and this was the beginning! It took me another half year to start with a homepage and posting pictures on Instagram. I am still not sure, if this is the right way to bring her beautiful, powerful paintings to the people - but it is a start. And experiencing something positive out of all the sadness and desperation is a beginning. 


So this blog is not only about my mother and her invaluable inheritance, it is more about me coming back to life and art which was always inextricably linked for me. 

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